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What Are the Most Common Types of Truck Accidents in Georgia?

iStock-152499117-resize-300x200.jpgUS Department of Transportation statistics show that 3,986 people died in truck accidents during 2016. In Georgia, there were 179 truck accident fatalities that same year. A previous blog discussed truck accidents involving logging trucks. However, there are other types of truck accidents that frequently occur in Georgia. Common truck accidents in Georgia include but are not limited to:

New Study Highlights the Dangers of Drowsy Driving

iStock-451333971-resize-300x200.jpgA new study published by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety argues that drowsy driving is a major cause of car accidents in the US. According to AAA, the number of car accidents caused by drowsy drivers is underreported by federal agencies. Government statistics claim 1 to 2 percent of car accidents are caused by drowsy driving. AAA claims drowsy driving may account for 8.8 to 9.5 percent of car accidents. In addition, AAA argued that 10.6 to 10.8 percent of crashes involving property damage, airbag deployment or injuries are caused by drowsy drivers.

Why Are Logging Trucks Dangerous for Georgia Motorists?

bigstock-129511424_preview-1-300x200.jpegLogging trucks are a common sight in Macon and across Georgia. You probably see the logging trucks during your day-to-day travels. These trucks are also a cause of Macon truck accidents that involve injuries or deaths. Last month, three people suffered injuries after a logging truck flipped over at the intersection on Jefferson Road. Police said the logging truck driver ran through a red light.

Should Georgia School Buses Use Three-Point Seatbelts?

bigstock-Law-Books-And-Gavel-4819112_preview-1-300x194.jpegThe driver of a school bus that crashed in Chattanooga, Tennessee in late 2016 was recently found guilty of six counts of negligent homicide. In November 2016, the school bus was carrying 37 elementary school students when it tipped over and crashed into a tree. Six children died in the crash. In another crash that occurred in late January, a Houston County school bus overturned while transporting 35 students. One student died in the crash and multiple others suffered injuries.

Seven Sources of Evidence in a Truck Accident Case

bigstock-Overturned-Truck-4188645_preview-300x200 (1).jpegEvidence could come from multiple sources during a truck accidentcase. Many modern commercial trucks are outfitted with high-tech gear that may have recorded what occurred in the moments leading up to a crash. In addition to these sources of evidence, commercial trucking companies are required to follow strict state and federal regulations. Compliance with these regulations may require companies to maintain records that could also become useful evidence during a case. Evidence from a truck accident case might include:

Why Can Sleep Apnea Increase the Risk of a Truck Accident?

bigstock-129511424_preview-1-300x200.jpegDrowsy driving is a widely-known cause of commercial truck accidents. Hours of service rules are regulations that were created to set limits on how long commercial truckers could operate their vehicles. These regulations were designed to prevent truck accidents caused by fatigued drivers. Unfortunately, hours of service rules cannot address another common cause of fatigued driving accidents.

How Can Medical Mistakes Cause Cerebral Palsy?

bigstock-140639189_preview-300x200.jpegThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines cerebral palsy as a group of disorders that affect balance and movement. Cerebral palsy can occur when the developing brain is harmed by an abnormality or injury. Medical mistakes made before, during or shortly after birth are a cause of cerebral palsy.

Government Investigates Goodyear RV Tire Deaths and Injuries

iStock-121961016-resize-300x199.jpgThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is investigating crashes involving Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's G159 motorhome tires. NHTSA received claims that these tires are responsible for dozens of crashes that led to 95 deaths or injuries since the 1990s. The investigation began last year after a judge unsealed internal Goodyear documents. As part of its investigation, NHTSA will seek field performance, design and safety data from Goodyear.

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