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Common Myths about Medical Malpractice

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Often, people are unaware of the particulars of medical malpractice cases until they or their loved ones are injured by a negligent doctor. Malpractice occurs when a doctor or other healthcare provider deviates from the reasonable standard of care that another provider would have done based on the same circumstances. Here is a look at some of the myths and misconceptions you might have heard about medical malpractice, as well as what to do if it happens to you.

Myth: Many medical malpractice claims are frivolous.

Fact: A study performed by the New England School of Medicine found that only 3 percent of claims studied did not involve an adverse medical outcome, and 63 percent of claims were directly attributed to medical error. That means that the majority of claims are not, in fact, frivolous.

Myth: Frivolous claims often end with the claimant receiving compensation.

Fact: The same study found that payment where there is no injury almost never occurs. Plaintiffs are much more likely to not receive compensation when an error occurs than they are to receive compensation when no error occurs.

Myth: Hospitals catch and report most errors and incidents involving patient safety.

Fact: The Department of Health and Human Services found in 2012 that 86 percent of events related to patient safety go unreported or recorded.

Myth: Most malpractice victims file suit against the medical provider.

Fact: One study found that under 2 percent of medical malpractice victims seek a lawsuit.

If you believe that a medical provider committed malpractice while treating you, speak to our medical malpractice attorneys.