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What is Georgia’s Yield Behind the Wheel Initiative?

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2017 | DistractedDriving |


What is Georgia’s “Yield Behind the Wheel” initiative?

Harvest season is upon us, and in Georgia that means an increase in the number of tractors and farm equipment on rural roads. You’ve probably seen a tractor or two already, but what you might not know is that farmers are putting their lives on the line every time they take a tractor onto the road with cars. The relative lack of protection afforded by tractors means that farmers are exposed to a serious risk of injury and even death in car accidents.

According to reports, last year, there were nearly 500 vehicle crashes involving farm and construction vehicles. 185 resulted in injuries while 12 led to fatalities.

These accidents are completely preventable, one of the factors that makes these injuries and deaths so tragic. Many of these accidents result from the negligence of other drivers. Speeding in particular is a major contributor, given that these farm and construction vehicles typically don’t travel much more than 20 miles per hour. Vehicles coming from behind may not realize they need to slow down quickly, and at 60 miles per hour, the resulting accident can kill.

Improving Georgia’s Yield Behind the Wheel initiative is dedicated to reducing and eventually eliminating car-tractor accidents. You can do your part to protect the lives of these important men and women by slowing down, putting your phone down while driving and being patient so that farmers have the space they need to get their jobs done.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident involving a tractor, The McArthur Law Firm is ready to assist you in the recovery of the damages you deserve.