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Is the Turf at Your Child’s School Safe?

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2017 | Uncategorized |


Are the turfs at your child’s school safe? A recent study of artificial turf shows that children playing on this kind of turf are at higher risk of concussion, injury and even serious illness.

The study looked at several fields and parks in Washington, D.C. and found that, due to lack of replacement over time, artificial turfs can become tougher. This leads to a lack of cushioning during falls, causing harder impacts and leading to traumatic brain injury and broken bones. Furthermore, some turfs are made with crumb rubber, the tiny black crumbs that help support the blades on artificial turf. This product could expose athletes to potentially dangerous chemicals and carcinogens. Those crumbs are made from natural and synthetic rubber, carbon black and other petroleum products – essentially, old tires.

Injured on an Unsafe Field?

Artificial turf has come under legal fire in the past for causing serious injuries. For a person to successfully recover damages in such a case, that person must be able to prove that the owner of the field where the artificial turf exists committed negligence in some way. That negligence can come in the form of unsafe installation of turf or failure to maintain the turf. Players have also developed serious illnesses, such as cancer, from artificial turf. Those illnesses have led to lawsuits against manufacturers of the turf.

If you believe that an injury or illness you have was caused by artificial turf, you may be able to seek recovery through legal means. Discuss your case with a personal injury or premises liability attorney to learn what your options are.