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After Ferris Wheel Injuries, Owners Say Victims Are to Blame

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In 2016, three girls were riding in a Ferris wheel in Greene County, Tennessee when their gondola tipped forward. All three fell out of the gondola and suffered injuries. Now, the owners of the Georgia-based company that owns the Ferris wheel are saying that one of the girls was to blame.

A lawsuit was filed against Ruby and Dominic Macaroni, owners of Family Attractions, the company that owns the Ferris wheel, and the two claim that they have no liability. According to the couple’s response, one of the girls stood up on the ride and rocked the gondola. The company also denied it employed the man who was operating the ride at the time as well as the supervisor of assembly, repair, maintenance, operation and disassembly of the ride.

The three girls suffered varying degrees of injury. One was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Another broke bones in her arms and the third suffered traumatic brain injuries. She was placed in a medically induced coma after the accident.

What Actually Happened?

Inspectors have said that the accident was caused by mechanical failure. A witness claims to have seen the gondola get caught on something as the wheel took it upward. Government officials have said that it was rusted rivets below the gondola that caused the accident, causing a piece of the gondola to jam against the Ferris wheel’s internal crossbar.

The owners, operators, assemblers and manufacturers of these types of rides have a duty of care to patrons to take every reasonable measure to ensure safety. Mechanical defects like rusted rivets should be noted and corrected before anyone is allowed onto the ride. When this duty of care is breached and injury results, the responsible party can be held liable for any damages victims incur, such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. If you have suffered injury on a ride at a county fair, carnival or theme park, discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer.