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The McArthur Law Firm Secured $1.6 Million Verdict in Medical Malpractice Case

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2017 | Medical Malpractice |


The McArthur Law Firm is celebrating a huge victory on behalf of our plaintiff after six years of fighting. Attorneys Tracey Dellacona, Jessica Edmunds and Kathy McArthur tried this case, which involved medical malpractice.

Our client was a 44-year-old African American male diabetic. In May 2011, he suffered a severe hypoglycemic event. His blood sugar dropped to 19. He was rushed to the ER, where a PA measured his blood sugar readings at 62, 66, 64 and 67. He was treated with an IV of dextrose-infused fluid which lead to a blood sugar reading of 438. Without retesting the 438 reading, taking any more bedside readings or any further treatment, he was discharged.

A normal blood sugar reading is between 70-110. As such, at no point during our client’s hospitalization did he have a normal reading. Three hours after returning home, he was found unresponsive with no pulse or breathing. He was once more rushed to the hospital, where doctors declared him dead.

Where Medical Negligence Occurred

Our attorneys argued that the ER failed to provide the normal standard of care for a hypoglycemic event, which is 24-hour observation with monitoring and support of blood sugar levels. The PA erroneously assumed that the patient was on short-acting insulin, did not find out the patient’s eating history, did not ask about how much insulin he had taken or whether the victim had ever suffered a similar event.

The jury deliberated for three hours. They found that the PA had breached the standard of care by discharging the patient, and awarded the family $1.6 million for the full value of his life.

When our law firm takes a case, we fight to the very end to secure compensation for our clients and their families. We get you more money because we can, and because you deserve it. If your loved one has died as a result of medical negligence, we will fight for you, and we will help you win.