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People Killed in Georgia Car Crashes Numbers Near 1,000 This Year

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | DistractedDriving |

The Georgia Department of Transportation recently released its data on Georgia car crashes for the year. The data shows 996 deaths related to car accidents. Police say that many of these deaths are directly related to distracted driving. Texting and driving caused many of those. Texting and driving is illegal in Georgia.

Police also said that another big reason for deaths in car accidents this time of year is due to speeding and tailgating. They recommend that drivers give themselves extra time to get to their destinations so that they don’t feel the need to engage in these dangerous behaviors.

Texting and Driving Statistics in Georgia


In 2008, an online survey revealed Georgia as the state with the third-highest rate of texting and driving in the country. Up to 37 percent of drivers admitted to have texted while driving that year. Younger drivers were more likely to have engaged in this behavior. This was only one year after the release of the iPhone. Since then, smart devices have become integral to our lives, with an estimated 300 million wireless subscriptions dedicated to keeping us connected. This has led to a nationwide increase in the use of cell phones while driving.

The National Safety Council says that from 2014 to 2016, distracted driving deaths in Georgia jumped by one-third. That was the fifth highest increase in the country during that time period, and more than twice the national average. Nationwide, distracted driving deaths rose 14 percent.

The top three killers on the road are speed, alcohol and distraction. If you must take a call or send a text, pull off into a parking lot somewhere and stop your vehicle first. It could save not only your life, but the lives of those around you on the road.