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Woman Loses Both Legs in Savage Dog Attack

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A Georgia woman recently received some tragic news: that she will need to have her second leg amputated after a savage dog attack.

The woman was popping popcorn in 2016 when the dogs broke through her kitchen door and attacked. She fought them with a toilet plunger and fled through nearby doors, trying to distance herself from the pit bulls. She then found her cell phone and called a neighbor, pleading for help to stop the dogs from “eating” her.

When one of her sons, who owned the dogs, called 911, he lied about the breed of dog that had attacked, saying it was a Chihuahua mix. Failing to see the urgency of the situation as a result, the police did not use emergency lights when responding to the scene, slowing their response time. Her injuries were described as extraordinary and some of the most catastrophic a prosecutor involved had ever seen.

The victim was placed in a medically induced coma for 10 days. While she was in her coma, one of her sons used her debit card to buy food, gas, online games and other purchases. He also took her car, which was damaged when it was returned. He is being charged with exploitation and intimidation of an elder person, as well as animal cruelty and other charges.

According to testimony, the dogs that attacked the woman were malnourished and frequently fought.

Dogs are capable of serious amounts of damage when they attack humans. If you have suffered injuries due to the negligence of a dog owner, a personal injury attorney can help you plot your best course moving forward.