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Will the New DUI Law Make Georgia Roads Safer?

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2017 | Uncategorized |


A new law recently became active in Georgia. The law makes it so that first time DUI offenders can sign up for limited driving privileges instead of being completely banned from driving.

The law became active on July 1. What it does is give people in danger of losing their licenses due to DUI another option besides waiting for an administrative hearing to appeal their license suspensions. During the time between an arrest and the hearing, first time DUI offenders will be able to go to a licensed dealer and have an ignition interlock device, or IID, installed in their vehicle.

IIDs are essentially breathalyzers wired into vehicles that must be blown into to turn the car on. After a certain time, the IID must be blown into again to keep the car running. These devices are commonly used after DUI arrests and convictions to ensure that drivers remain sober. Many of them have cameras attached to prevent drivers from trying to fool them by, for example, having a passenger blow into them instead.

The new law allows drivers at risk of losing their license 30 days to apply for a restricted driving permit. Drivers who receive the permit are only allowed to use their vehicle to drive to work, school or any other mandatory activities, such as court hearings or court-mandated alcohol classes. Drivers will not receive the permit if they have any other suspensions or revocations on their license, not will they receive one if the DUI involved fatalities or serious injury.

What do you think? Should DUI drivers be allowed these limited privileges?