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What Are the Most Dangerous Days to Drive?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2017 | DrunkDriving |


A telematics and GPS vehicle tracking company called Geotab recently released a report discussing fatality and traffic data over the course of the past ten years. The goal? To identify the most dangerous days to drive, as well as the safest, in the United States.

The number one most dangerous day to drive in America is the recent July 4 holiday, when many Americans go out to celebrate the nation’s independence. July 4 has an average fatal crash rate of 14.9 per billion miles driven according to the study, and 47 percent of crashes on that day involve alcohol. The average rate of alcohol-related crashes is 28 percent, comparatively.

New Year’s Day and Halloween both also come with a drastically inflated rate of alcohol-related accidents. On New Year’s, around 42 percent of accidents involve alcohol. On Halloween, the rate is 41 percent.

What Is the Safest Day to Drive?

While many holidays come with increased risks of fatal accidents, one holiday made the top of the safest days to drive list – Christmas Day. Christmas Day’s average fatal crash rate is 7.6 per billion miles driven, and only 25.7 percent of crashes involve alcohol, lower than the normal average.

No matter what day you are out on the road, you should practice safe driving behaviors to protect yourself and others from injury. If you do suffer injury in a car accident, seek medical attention and discuss the incident in a free consultation with a personal injury attorney.