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Worker Killed and Another Critically Injured in Boom Lift Accident

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2017 | WorkAccident |


Tragedy struck a construction site in late April when a boom lift fell over on its side. A worker riding in the boom lift was killed after he was thrown from the lift. Another worker suffered critical injuries in the accident. Both workers were hospitalized, but one died at the hospital.

The second victim suffered possible internal injuries and broke his lower right leg.

No criminal activity was found to have contributed to the accident. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will be conducting an investigation to determine if negligence led to the injury and death.

Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit after a Construction Accident

OSHA reports that 18.5 percent of all workplace deaths in the United States occur in construction. This is the highest percentage of workplace deaths in any industry. There are four main causes of workplace death on construction sites. These are known as the “fatal four.” Together, they are the causes of over half of all construction accidents.

  1. Slips, trips and falls
  2. Electrocution
  3. Struck by object
  4. Caught in/between

After a loved one’s death in a workplace accident, family members rarely have lawsuits on the mind. There are so many other things to be done that the thought of suing the company for negligence just doesn’t pop up. But it is important to weight your family’s options.

In wrongful death cases, families can file what are known as wrongful death actions and survivor actions. Wrongful death actions argue that negligence on behalf of the company or a third party was the direct cause of a worker’s death. If successful, these actions can result in the awarding of damages for things like loss of quality of life, loss of love and emotional support and loss of financial support.

Survivor actions make the argument that the employer or third party’s negligence led to the worker’s pain and suffering before death.