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Why Do Semi-Trucks Roll Over?

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2017 | TruckAccident |


On May 19, a Forsyth man was injured in a rollover accident after losing control of his tractor-trailer. According to police, the man was driving too fast to properly negotiate a curb. His truck rolled onto its side and spilled trash all over the road and the shoulder, causing a shutdown of one lane. He now faces charges of driving too fast for road conditions and failure to maintain his lane.

Causes of Tractor-Trailer Rollovers

Tractor-trailers are much more prone to rollover accidents than many other vehicles, due to their length and high center of gravity. One of the most common causes of tractor-trailer rollovers is moving too fast for road conditions. Speeding on wet roads and failing to adjust speed appropriately for curves are examples of this.

Tractor-trailers may also flip over when a drowsy driver snaps back into consciousness and jerks the steering wheel to correct course. Tractor-trailers are not meant to make quick maneuvers like this.

Another cause of rollover accidents is cargo. This is especially true of tankers carrying liquid contents, like gasoline. The sloshing liquid inside these tankers can cause the tank trailer to swing side to side, contributing to a rollover. Solid cargo in the back of a truck, if unsecured or secured incorrectly, can lead to shifting loads that tip the trailer over.

Lack of maintenance, too, can cause a rollover accident. Tractor-trailers are heavily reliant on frequent maintenance. Poorly maintained brakes and suspension parts as well as underinflated tires have all been implicated in rollover accidents.