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GSP Urges Caution After Several Pedestrian Accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2017 | PedestrianSafety |

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On April 29, Georgia State Patrol confirmed the death of a pedestrian in Albany, GA. It is believed that the pedestrian was crossing the road when a car hit the pedestrian.

GSP is recommending pedestrians pay more attention when walking in areas with cars. The organization is advising the use of crosswalks and for pedestrians to avoid jaywalking. Additionally, GSP encourages drivers to stay alert, avoid distractions and do their part to preserve the safety of pedestrians.

Pedestrian Accidents Statistics

Georgia is no stranger to pedestrian accidents. One of our state’s most famous natives, “Gone with the Wind” author Margaret Mitchell, was struck and killed in a pedestrian accident in Atlanta in 1949. But what’s disturbing is that our rate of pedestrian accidents is incredibly high. In 2013, more Georgia pedestrians died in accidents than any year since 1997. Most these accidents occur in metropolitan areas like Atlanta, but suburban and rural accidents do happen as well.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety reported in 2014 that 12.3 percent of total traffic fatalities that year involved pedestrians. A report titled Dangerous by Design placed Atlanta as the eighth most dangerous city in the country for pedestrians.

Speed Kills

Every mile per hour faster that a car drives increases the risk of a pedestrian’s death. If a pedestrian is struck at 20mph, the pedestrian has a 90 percent chance of survival. At 30mph, that chance drops to 50 percent. At 40mph, only one in ten pedestrians survives.

Do your part to protect pedestrians. Stay off your phone, don’t drink and drive and practice safe driving habits.