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Unique Dangers Faced by Children in Car Accidents

iStock_88654689_LARGE-300x200.jpgThe leading cause of death for children in the United States is car accidents, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In 2015, 663 kids aged 12 or younger died in car accidents and more than 120,000 suffered injury. Of those who died, 35 percent were not wearing seat belts.

University of Georgia Receives Grant to Fund Road Safety Research

iStock_35677534_LARGE-300x200.jpgThanks to a grant from the Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS), the University of Georgia Traffic Injury Prevention Institute (GTIPI) will have $656,000 in extra cash to continue statewide parent and teen driving safety, senior driver education and child passenger safety programs. The four programs that will benefit are:

Major Chemical Spill in Atlanta after Truck Accident

truck-acc-uber-300x173.pngIn April, a tractor-trailer carrying hazardous materials struck a passenger vehicle, causing a chemical spill that closed the downtown connector where the accident occurred. The chemical, benzoyl chloride, is harmful, with the potential to cause severe injury, burns or death if ingested or if it encounters skin or eyes.

School Bus Accident Rekindles the Fight for Bus Seat Belts

iStock_17849680_LARGE-300x200.jpgSeveral states have been looking into mandating three-point seat belts on school buses as a measure to keep kids safe. There is fierce debate on the issue, with some (including national transportation agencies) arguing that three-point seat belts don't help much or, in some situations, may actually be less safe.

Premises Liability, Part 3: Injured on a College Campus

iStock_16047695_LARGE-300x200.jpgThe rules and regulations regarding premises liability incidents on college campuses can be complicated. There are many ways in which a visitor or student at a college campus can suffer injury. Common accidents on college campuses include slip and fall accidents, parking lot injuries, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, swimming pool accidents as well as negligent security injuries, such as those inflicted during an assault.

Premises Liability, Part 2: Injuries in Nursing Homes

iStock_54531544_LARGE-300x200.jpgWhen a loved one is living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you have an expectation that they will be taken care of. That's what the home is there for, right? And yet, tragically, it seems like every day we hear horrible stories of neglect and abuse of elders in homes across the United States. All too often, these facilities cut corners and fail to meet their responsibilities to keep our loved ones safe and secure. This corner cutting can lead to injuries for visitors and residents alike.

How Speed Affects Accidents: Crossing Guard Injured in Car Accident

iStock_17849680_LARGE-300x200.jpgOn Thursday, April 6, a crossing guard outside Ingram-Pye Elementary School was struck by a vehicle. The driver that struck the woman claimed that the sun was in his eyes when the accident occurred. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured, and no students were harmed in this low-speed accident.

Death in the Workplace at Georgia Power Plant

work-injur-form-judge-mallet-300x200.jpgThe death of a 20-year-old worker at Georgia Power's Plant Scherer has led to an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Details are still hazy as to what happened to cause his death, but Monroe County Coroner Joey Proctor stated that he had been hit in the head with some type of equipment.

Airborne Car Leads to Multiple Fatalities Near Atlanta

iStock_60379500_LARGE-1024x768.jpgA dramatic crash near Atlanta left two dead after a man's car launched through the air into oncoming traffic. While the details of the accident are not wholly known, investigators reported that the Florida man veered from the southbound lane of I-75 into the guardrail, which provided the launching power to send him into the air. The car landed on another, and both drivers were killed.

Georgia Trucker Shut Down by FMCSA After DUI

iStock_1841554_LARGE-768x512.jpgThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has effectively shut down a Georgia-licensed truck driver. The driver was responsible for a crash on November 20, 2016 in Virginia, after he ran into the back of a vehicle stopped in traffic. Several cars were involved in the truck accident. A Virginia court subsequently found the driver guilty of DUI.

Dog Walkers Sue Animal Shelter After Being Mauled By Dog

iStock_75676055_LARGE-768x513.jpgWe wrote last week about a bill being pushed through the Georgia legislature that would make dog bite reporting rules more robust, in hopes of reducing the rates of dog bites. This week, we have another story about dog bites, this time involving two young women volunteering at a no-kill animal shelter.

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