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What Is the Price of a Truck Accident? The Case That Changed GSU

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | Trucking Wreck Injury |

April is a month that shakes the students and faculty of Georgia Southern University. Back in 2015, the university lost five nursing students to a tractor-trailer accident. That loss changed the university’s community and the lives of those students’ families, and those changes continue to reach into these people’s lives and into 2017…

The Truck Accident that Changed GSU

Lives were shattered on April 22, 2015. A truck on Interstate 16 slammed into seven vehicles at 68 mph. This sent three people to the hospital with injuries, but five people died on the scene that day. All of those who passed were students in Georgia Southern University’s nursing school, and the students and faculty were shocked by the loss. The university community gathered around the families of the girls who were lost, but none could have imagined the path that recovery would take them all down.

How Were Lives Changed by This Truck Accident?

Law enforcement, safety and traffic officials gathered for accident prevention training at GSU later that year. They trained officers to be less reluctant to pull over commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers. The effort was dedicated to the memory of the girls who had lost their lives. Officials were hoping these efforts would increased safety on our roads, but it was only the beginning of the effect this tragedy would have on the campus.

In April 2016, the families of the nursing students scored a major victory. They reached a settlement with the company that owned the truck that caused the terrible crash. The amount of the settlement was not disclosed, but GSU received a portion. It put that settlement money toward a scholarship and an on-campus monument to honor and memorialize these girls.

This means that future students to GSU will always have the memory of these five nursing students pushing them forward toward their goals. It’s a lasting legacy to be proud of, but it’s not the only legacy left by this tragedy. There were other Georgia Southern University students in that crash, and they survived. If you want to learn how the crash affected their lives, keep following our personal injury blog for the next installment of What Is the Price of a Truck Accident?.