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New Airbag Recall, Old GM Vehicles

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2017 | Product Liability |


On most GM vehicles, there is a little rectangle that has the words “Passenger Air Bag” printed on it. This panel has indicators that will light up to tell you when your passenger-side airbag is on or off. If an adult is sitting in your passenger seat, then this panel will usually tell you the airbag is on. But if a child sits in that seat, this panel will tell you the airbag is off. How does it do that? The answer is very clever, and it’s also at the center of one of GM’s latest recalls.

Why Does This New Airbag Recall Include Old GM Vehicles?

Inside the passenger-side seat of many GM vehicles there is a sensor pad that reads when someone is sitting in that seat. This sensor can tell if a child or an adult is sitting in that seat, and with that information it can turn off the passenger-side airbag. However, this sensor is proving to be a problem in Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice models.

Turns out, this sensor can be bent and locked in the open position after being sat on repeatedly over time. This means that the airbag can get locked in the on position, which can put small children at risk. This discovery has prompted the recall of 107,000 Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky production models. GM no longer makes these vehicles, but plenty are still out there and available to the public.

There is still no word on how GM plans to repair these vehicles, nor has anyone said whether it may affect any other older GM models. That leaves us to wonder how long it will be till this defect is fixed, and should parents avoid letting their children ride in these cars until the problem is solved? For more info, keep following your Macon product liability attorneys on this blog. You can also tell us what you think about this latest development by heading over to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.