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What Would You Do If Your Child Came Home Missing Teeth?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Premises Liability |

A 9-year-old arrived home late after what his mother thought was a typical day at school, but when she saw the boy, she knew something wasn’t right. Her son’s face was swollen and when she opened his mouth she discovered that three of his teeth were missing. Worst of all, she discovered that the boy’s school was responsible.

What If Your Child Came Home Missing Teeth?

At a Baltimore elementary school, a dental program was visiting. The program sent notices to the parents of the children who went to the school, along with a permission form. The mother of this 9-year-old thought the permission slip was for a tooth cleaning, so she signed it. However, that slip was for far more than a routine tooth cleaning.

The dental program removed three of the boy’s teeth in a procedure that took so long the boy missed his bus home. That forced the 9-year-old to walk almost a mile-a detail that further shocked his mother. Not only had the woman not been notified of the procedure, her son was also sent home without medications for the pain and swelling after the extraction. This has the mother of this boy calling foul.

She believes that the school was negligent and should have at least called her before this procedure had been done. She is also frustrated because the boy had an appointment to see his family dentist on January 23rd to address the problem with his teeth. Do you think she is right to be angry?

School forms can be an issue for parents all over the nation. They are supposed to explain any activity that a child participates in and they should include specifics like the date of the activity. But sometimes these forms can be lacking or misleading. That’s why you should always pay close attention to these permission slips and consult legal help if you have questions.

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