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What Bo Didn’t Know About Concussions Could Have Changed Football History

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2017 | Personal Injury |


In recent years, worries over concussions suffered while playing sports has multiplied astronomically. Studies are showing that the problem is worse than anybody feared, but many parents and sports fans seem to think that this isn’t as big of a problem as the media is portraying it. However, as more evidence appears, even professional athletes are starting to become concerned.

What Bo Didn’t Know About Concussions Changes Everything

Football has become an obsession for not only Georgia, but for the entire country. However, CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is being found in more and more former football players. This disease is known to cause depression, poor social interactions, and has been linked to concussions. This is bad news for many footballers who were previously taught to play through the pain and the concussions, and it’s even worse for the kids who play the sport.

Parents are starting to pull their kids out of football, and before you label that an overreaction, you might want to know that Bo Jackson is one of those parents. The only man to be selected as both an NFL Pro Bowler and an MLB All-Star says he won’t be letting his kids play football. The NFL legend says that if he had known what we do now, he never would have played football himself.

Jackson goes on to say that he loves football, and he doesn’t regret playing, but if he had known… Do you think Bo is overreacting, or is this a sign that the public isn’t taking CTE seriously? Do you think we can find other solutions to the football/CTE problem? Until we can, stick with you Macon traumatic brain injury attorneys. We have tips for spotting concussions on our blog, and you can also share your experiences on Facebook and Twitter.