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Seven Distracting Things You Should Never Do While Driving

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Car Wreck Injury |


Once again, distracted driving has proven to be one of the top safety issues on America’s roads. States all over the country are reporting that they saw increases in traffic fatalities, and many of them are blaming distracted driving for these increases. But do you know what behaviors could distract you while driving?

Seven Dangerous Things You Should Never Do While Driving

  1. Yelling at People– Almost everybody has yelled at someone who cut them off, or maybe you’ve had an argument with someone else in your car. In either case, yelling is a big emotional act and it steals focus from other things you might be doing, like driving.
  2. Grooming– Have you seen somebody doing their makeup, combing their hair, or shaving while on their way to work. Well that can be pretty common during rush hour, and it can cause a pile-up. Save the grooming for when your parked.
  3. Dressing– You get into a rush, and you need to find some way to make up the time, so you decide to get dressed while you’re driving. This is a bad idea! Not only are you distracted, but you could be partially tied up, which could make it impossible for you to respond to a traffic situation even if you see it coming.
  4. Messing with Infotainment Systems– Don’t like that song? Need directions to get where you’re going? Looking for some place to eat? Well, your infotainment system can help you with those things, but you shouldn’t use it while driving. Turns out, messing with these systems while you’re driving can reduce your response times.
  5. Talking on the Phone– Many studies have shown that the act of holding your phone and talking with someone is highly distracting, but did you know that applies to handsfree units too. Studies are beginning to show that talking while driving isn’t safe, even if you are using handsfree technology
  6. Taking Selfies– If you’re snapping a pic of yourself, then you’re probably not watching the road. That can lead to tragedy, so fight the urge until you’re safely parked and not driving.
  7. Texting– It’s illegal to text and drive here in Georgia, and for good reason. If texting takes your eyes off the road for just five seconds at 55 mph, then you will have missed an entire football field worth of travelling distance!

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