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Can this Settlement Help Repair Ikea’s Reputation?

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Not long ago, three families suffered the ultimate tragedy. Their children died after being crushed by dressers that tipped over. The resulting controversy swept the nation as some accused the parents of being neglectful, while others blamed the dressers’ maker-Ikea. Now these three families are meeting the furniture giant in court, but could this case be over before it begins?

Will a Settlement Repair Ikea’s Reputation?

Three boys ages two years-old to 22 months-old, died when the dressers in their rooms toppled over on top of them. This wasn’t the first-time Ikea furniture had been found to fall on top of children, but the sudden deaths prompted an immediate recall of 29 million dressers.

That recall spurred a wave of grieving families to come forward to find justice for their loved ones, but the road they’ve followed has been rough. Critics accuse these parents of negligence and the lawyers defending Ikea jumped on the same strategy. However, that plan hasn’t panned out very well.

In court, the families on the three fallen boy requested internal documents from Ikea and almost immediately after, the company settled. The offer was for $50 million, which will be split equally between the three families. Ikea will also donate $100,000 to a tip-over awareness nonprofit, and they will pay $50,000 to three children’s hospitals in the victims’ areas.

The families believe that the internal Ikea records they uncovered could help many more families. As part of the settlement these families have stipulated that these records cannot be destroyed once returned. Do you think these documents hold vindication for all the parents that are accused of negligence when it comes to an Ikea dresser tip-over? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter, and keep following your Macon product defect attorneys right here on this blog.