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Is This Pharmaceutical Liability Case the Deadliest in Medical History?

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2017 | Medical Malpractice |


In 2013, a woman in her seventies was rushed to the hospital due to fungal meningitis. A year earlier, she had been taken to the hospital, sick with the same potentially deadly disease. Luckily, she survived her second bout with the illness, but not without a price. This woman now suffers from hearing loss and back pain due to her illness, and she is not alone in her struggles with this deadly disease.

Just How Deadly Can a Pharmaceutical Liability Case Be?

Nationwide, around 750 other people also came down with a case of fungal meningitis around the same time as this woman. Out of the hundreds who got sick during this outbreak, 76 people died. It was a medical nightmare, and it only got worse as authorities realized that the people all had one thing in common-New England Compounding Center.

A group of pharmacists and executives had come together to create a company that would compound medicines just like your local pharmacist. This company shipped these compounded medications all over the country, but one of its formulas was tainted. Methylprednisolone acetate was being prepared with expired ingredients in rooms that were contaminated by mold. This led to over 10,000 doses being tainted.

Right now, 13 executives and pharmacists in charge of this company have been indicted. They face charges of negligence, and in some cases, counts of second-degree murder. It’s very possible that many of these people could spend the rest of their lives in jail, but this does little to help the victims and families that suffered because of this greed. Luckily our country has a civil justice system.

A $200 million settlement has been agreed to. This money will go to many of the victims of this pharmaceutical nightmare, and it is only the beginning. Though this settlement takes care of many lawsuits against New England Compounding Center, there are still lawsuits pending against the medical facilities that prescribed this tainted medication.

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