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Is Fiat Chrysler Responsible for What Happened After This Crash?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2017 | Product Liability |


It was early in the morning on January 30, 2016 when three young men were returning home from a night out on the town. They had gone to Billy’s Clubhouse and the Crazy Bull the night before, but now they were rested and coming home. That’s when disaster struck, and now the family of one of the victims thinks Fiat Chrysler should be held accountable.

Is Fiat Chrysler Responsible for This Post-Crash Blaze?

Two 19-year-olds and a 20-year-old were heading home on Georgia 42. One of the 19-year-olds was driving his 2007 Jeep Wrangler while smoking a cigarette. The other 19-year-old was lying down in the backseat while the 20-year-old was sitting in the passenger seat. Then, they were suddenly off-road.

As the driver turned to flick his cigarette away, the Jeep veered off-road. It struck a group of trees, bounced through a culvert and landed on its side before bursting into flames. The young man in the passenger seat was able to free himself from his seatbelt and the vehicle, but the others weren’t as fortunate.

The man in the back seat was ejected from the vehicle and did not survive. The driver of the Jeep initially survived the crash unscathed, but he was unconscious for a moment and couldn’t release his seatbelt. That’s when the flames from the Jeep set his clothes ablaze and he finally broke free of the vehicle. He suffered burns over 90 percent of his body, and three days later he passed.

Now the driver’s family is questioning why their son suffered such a grave injury. They claim that the firewall in Jeep failed to protect their son from the flames in the SUV’s engine. They also claim that a defective gas tank sparked the fire that killed their son. They’re now suing Fiat Chrysler for medical expenses, pain and suffering, funeral costs, attorney’s fees, and other damages. Do you think they have a case?

The 20-year-old that survived the crash says that alcohol and drugs weren’t involved, and Chrysler is refusing to comment on the matter. Could this blaze have been caused by defective components? Your Macon personal injury attorneys are going to keep an eye on this one. Keep following our blog for more updates, and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.