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Does Apple Hold the Key to Stopping Texting While Driving?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2017 | Car Wreck Injury |

Does this situation sound familiar to you? A man is driving along a road when he’s rear-ended by a driver on his cellphone. This scenario plays out on roads all over the U.S., and sometimes the results can be fatal. But what if we told you many of these distracted driving crashes could be avoided? To what lengths would you go to stop the problem if your iPhone was the solution?

Is Stopping Texting While Driving a Priority for Apple?

A man from California thinks he can bring a halt to thousands of distracted driving incidents all over the country, and he’s using a lawsuit to do it. He has brought a class action lawsuit to court against Apple-creators of the iPhone.

The suit claims that Apple invented technology to prevent people from texting on their iPhones while driving. However, the company neglected to include this technology on any of its products, though it filed the patent in 2008 and it was approved in 2014. Now the man wants to force Apple to include the technology in its products, and he might have a compelling argument.

The man who filed this lawsuit believes that thousands of distracted driving incidents could be avoided if iPhone users didn’t have the ability to text while they drive. And he is not alone in his conclusions. Not but a few weeks ago, a family that lost their daughter in a fatal car crash cited the same patent in their lawsuit. They claim that this technology could have stopped a distracted driver from using FaceTime when he hit the back of their vehicle.

Both cases are now waiting for their day in court, but do the people who filed these cases have a point? Should Apple be held responsible for not implementing a technology that could have save lives? Tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to keep following our blog. Our Macon personal injury attorneys will stay on top of the latest developments in this and other distracted driving cases.