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Can You Guess Why This Family is Suing Apple?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Product Liability |

Apple is one of the most dominant phone makers on the planet, and with Samsung reeling from its recall debacle, the company has never been stronger. However, a new lawsuit is bringing up some questions about the iPhone’s safety. A family from Texas is taking Apple to task, but do they have a case?

Why is This Family Suing Apple?

A family of four was out on Christmas Eve 2014 when they came upon a snarl of traffic. The vehicle carrying the family slowed to a stop but the car behind them just kept on going. The 20-year-old driving the car was on his iPhone, and because of his distraction, he rammed the other vehicle at 65 mph. All members of the family sustained serious injuries, but the family’s 5-year-old daughter didn’t survive. Fast forward to December 2016 and this family is finally getting its chance to hold Apple responsible for this crash.

You see, the distracted driver that caused the wreck was using FaceTime to talk to someone. The FaceTime app allows people to make video phone calls to other people who have iPhones. It’s a pretty useful feature, but not when a person is driving, and Apple knew that.

According to the family’s lawsuit, Apple filed a patent back in 2008 for technology that would prevent its FaceTime app from functioning while the user was driving. The patent was approved in 2014 yet Apple didn’t include the technology in its iPhone models that year.

This family believes that if that technology had been installed on the 20-year-old driver’s phone, their 5-year-old would still be alive. So, they have sued Apple Inc. for damages, medical expenses and remunerations. Apple still has yet to implement the technology that would prevent drivers from using FaceTime.

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