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Why Did My Washing Machine Just Get Recalled?

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Product Liability |


Remember when everyone found out that Samsung Galaxy Note 7s were catching on fire. Internet memes started, videos surfaced, and everyone was claiming their other Samsung products were exploding too. Well, hang on to your shorts because they weren’t kidding.

Did My Washing Machine Just Get Recalled?

So, your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 turned out to be too hot to handle, but surely the other Samsung explosion problems were just rumors… Well, it actually turns out that these stories weren’t all gossip. According to Samsung, it has received 733 reports of its top-loading washing machines blowing up-kind of.

Okay, maybe these washers didn’t spit flames and debris, but the tops of these washers have been flung off. Excessive vibrations under heavy loads has caused the tops of these machines to fly off and hurt people. So far, nine injuries have been reported-including a broken jaw-which has force Samsung to finally recall 2.8 million top-loading washers.

How is Samsung Handling the New Recall?

The South Korean manufacturer claims that affected models were sold in stores between March 2011 and November 2016. It is offering to send technicians to people’s houses to reinforce the tops of these washing machines, but that’s not the only solution. Samsung is also offering a rebate to owners so they can buy a new washer. Plus, if you bought your recalled Samsung washing machine within 30 days of the recall, the company is offering a full cash refund.

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