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Why Did a Bus and Tractor Trailer Collide?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2016 | Trucking Wreck Injury |

In Gilmer County on October 13th, a bus was on its way to Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino in Murphy, North Carolina. It was carrying 48 seniors excited about having a fun time at the slot. However, their day of fun didn’t go as planned.

Did a Bus and Tractor Trailer Collide in North Georgia?

It was 11:15 in the morning when the bus drove up on the Highway 515 and Whitestone Road intersection. Then an 18-wheeler pulled out in front of the bus and stopped. The truck driver was trying to take a left-hand turn off Whitestone onto the southbound side of 515. That’s when the bus smashed into the back of the trailer as it obstructed traffic. The trucker would later tell police that traffic forced him to stop.

Authorities say that 43 people were injured and transported to the hospital, but one man-the 66-year-old bus driver-died. Georgia State Patrol is working hard to get answers for the victims of this crash, but they have yet to file charges. However, this hasn’t been the only bus versus tractor trailer crash in our area.

Only a few weeks ago in Lowndes, a school bus carrying children was rear-ended by a truck carrying metal beams. A little girl died in that collision, and 19 of her classmates had to be transported to the hospital. These types of crashes can be complicated and can result in multiple people sustaining injuries. That’s why we must work together to make sure that these truck drivers can handle common traffic situations.

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