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Should Crash Victims Sue the Bus Company?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2016 | Personal Injury |


It was early morning on the first of November when disaster struck. A school bus carrying children to school slammed into a Ford Mustang before careening into a public transit bus. The crash injured 11 people, but five others didn’t make it. This tragedy has left a community in shock and wondering who is responsible for this fatal crash.

Is the Bus Company Responsible for a School Bus Crash?

The man driving the school bus involved in this crash was experienced. The 67-year-old had been driving school busses for years, but there was a problem. Over the past five years, this man had been involved in at least 12 automobile crashes. He was even known to suffer from seizure-like episodes that rendered him unable to drive, and yet he was still allowed behind the wheel of a school bus.

The Baltimore school district where this happened contracts with a bus company called AAAfordable Transportation. The company has not stated whether it was aware of the 67-year-old’s seizure-like condition, but reports say he suffered a medical emergency a week before the crash. It was described as a seizure, and it happened in the AAAfordable Transportation office.

All this information was revealed by a report compiled by the National Transportation Safety Board. The details within this report have many families wondering if they should sue the transportation company that hired the bus driver. The school district has already terminated the bus company from carrying its students and now all sides are rallying their legal counsels.

If AAAfordable Transportation did know about this driver’s medical condition, then it could be liable for damages. However, nobody knows if the families of these victims will take their grievances to court. Do you think they should go to court?

Though this crash happened in Maryland, Georgia has had its own problems with bus crashes recently. Is there anything we can learn from this tragedy? Keep following your Macon personal injury attorneys here at the McArthur Law Firm. Check out our Facebook and Twitter for updates that could affect the safety of your family. Plus, you can keep following our blog to read stories that matter to you.