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Just in Time for the Holidays! The Product Fails of 2016

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2016 | Product Liability |

It’s the holiday season. Have you gotten your shopping done? This is the season that we give gifts to our loved ones, and so we all take special care in choosing that special something. However, do you know which products are going to be nothing but a hassle? Do you know which products could be downright dangerous? Well, your Macon product liability attorneys have a list here of some major products you might want to keep an eye out for.

The Worst Product Fails of 2016

  • Off-Road Action– Georgia is a very outdoorsy state. We have beautiful parks, green forests, and lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. So, a popular gift for the Georgian who loves the outdoors is an ATV, but some of these vehicles aren’t that great when comes to safety. Take the Polaris Ranger XP 900, XP 900 EPS, and CREW 900 vehicles. The 2014 models of this off-road vehicle have a problem with heat shielding falling out. This can cause fires and burns, and so far Polaris has gotten 36 reports to confirm this danger.
  • No-Fly Zone– Drones are going to be a pretty popular gift idea for this holiday season, but there are some things you might want to be aware of. First, check your local laws about drones to make sure your loved one won’t be facing a ticket or a lawsuit in the future. Second, you might want to avoid the GoPro Karma drone, it has a tendency to fall out of the sky. Reports say that some of these drones can unexpectedly lose power and fall to the ground. GoPro has issued a recall because of this issue.
  • Dirty Laundry– If you didn’t know, Samsung has been having a lot of troubles lately. One of those issues involves 2.8 million washing machines that explode. The company is offering to either fix or give rebates for the top-loading washers, but it’s not the only company having problems. GE is recalling 222,000 of its washers that were sold at Best Buy, Lowe’s, Sears, and Home Depot. Turns out these washers can catch on fire… Maybe a washing machine wouldn’t be a great choice for a holiday gift anyway.
  • No Phones on This Plane– The biggest product fail of 2016 has to go to Samsung for its Galaxy Note 7. This phone was just released in August, and by September it was burning down cars and houses. Turns out these phones catch on fire due to unknown lithium-ion battery issues. Samsung at first recalled the phone, then it completely pulled it from the market. This just proves that you need to be very careful when purchasing a product with a lithium-ion battery. Check the device’s safety ratings, and make sure it’s not going to be a fire hazard.

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