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How Can Georgians Protect Themselves From Credit Card Fraud?

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2016 | Personal Injury |


Back in December of 2013, Americans got a shock. Target-one of the largest retailers in nation-was hacked, and some 70 million credit cards had been compromised. It was an eye opener for everyone, and it made the industry rethink credit card security. Well, it’s 2016, new security measures have been rolled out, but we are still fighting the same issues. Is there anything you can do to help protect your finances from this type of crime?

Credit Card Fraud and How to Protect Yourself from It

The holiday season is a time when we often stretch our spending legs, but it’s also when criminals tend to stretch their sticky fingers. Credit card fraud goes up around this time of the year, so it’s important to know the best ways to protect yourself.

  • Check You Transactions– One of the best ways you can keep credit card fraud from ruining your finances is to keep an eye on your transaction history. Whether it’s checking your account online or through your monthly statement, the sooner you detect the fraud, the better.
  • Check the Machine– Crooks are using credit card skimmers to steal people’s card info. These devices attach to credit card swipes and look like they are a part of the machine, but they aren’t. Many stores have started using security stickers to make sure nobody tampers with their credit card machines. So, look for these stickers. If you don’t see one of these stickers, then you can lightly wiggle the machine to see if there is a device fitted over the top of the card reader. Also, compare the reader to others in the store to see if anything’s out of place.
  • Use Prepaid Debit Cards– You can now buy preloaded debit/gift cards to use instead of your own personal debit/credit card. These preloaded cards will keep crooks from getting access to all the funds in your bank account, or from charging up your credit line.
  • Use Cash– It may not be as convenient, but using cash is probably the most secure way to make a purchase. No one is going to take your account number from Franklin, Washington or Honest Abe.

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