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Have You Heard What People Are Saying About These Massive Samsung Recalls?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2016 | Product Liability |


It all went down in September. People all across America were shocked to find out that there was a problem with their brand-new Samsung phones. The darn things liked to blow up, and safety advocates wouldn’t let that slide. Before the month was out, the Galaxy Note 7 had been recalled and removed from the market. However, this wouldn’t be the only recall to hit Samsung this year.

How Do These Samsung Recalls Make You Feel?

It didn’t take long, but the other shoe dropped in November, when Samsung launched another huge recall. According to reports, phones weren’t the only Samsung items blowing up. Certain Samsung top-loading washers were vibrating so hard that they were breaking apart and hurting people. There were 733 reports of excessive vibration from these washers, and at least nine injuries were also reported. This led to 2.8 million washing machines being recalled just weeks after Samsung recalled its new popular smartphone.

These recalls didn’t go unnoticed. Samsung took a huge hit in the stock market when the Galaxy Note 7 recall hit. Then the stock took another hit when the phone was discontinued. So far, the washing machine recall hasn’t hurt the company like the phone recall did, but people are beginning to notice. Twitter and Facebook has started to light up with criticisms of Samsung’s products. Several people who were had been wondering why their washers weren’t working right have just learned about the recall. These people are having to deal with rebates they claim are too small and customer service lines that don’t seem to be able to help them.

What’s Left for Customers to Do Now?

For now, consumers can either have Samsung come out and fix their washer or they can get a rebate for it. However, there could be a few lawsuits waiting in the wings for this manufacturer. People were injured by this defective product, and they have medical bills to consider. Plus, the property damage that was caused when washer parts slammed into walls and other nearby items has probably racked up a considerable bill too.

Will Samsung pay for the damages it’s products have caused? Will customers ever be able to trust the company’s products again? The Macon product liability attorneys here at the McArthur Law Firm will keep an eye on the situation. You can check back in with us on Facebook and Twitter for updates.