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Can You Guess Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Were Exploding?

On Behalf of | Dec 26, 2016 | Product Liability |

It’s been a few months since Samsung had to discontinue its newest flagship smartphone only weeks after it debuted. Unfortunately, these phones were exploding and causing property damage and injuries. However, Samsung has yet to say why it’s latest smartphone was combusting. Now a new study could shed some light on the cause of this catastrophe.

Why Were Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Exploding?

No one expected one of the top smartphone makers in the world to release a ticking time bomb as a product, but that’s what Samsung did. Its Galaxy Note 7-though highly reviewed-came with a fiery price tag. And when Samsung found out, the manufacturer issued an immediate recall. It’s now estimated that some 90 percent of these defective phones have been turned in, but we still don’t know what went wrong.

Samsung has been very quiet about the reason this phone failed, so independent researchers have been busy. Instrumental, a company that tests products to help manufacturers fix issues, has released a report that claims to have solved the Galaxy Note puzzle. It claims that Samsung tried too hard to stuff more battery power in a small package. Apparently, the layers separating the components of the Galaxy Note 7’s lithium ion battery are too thin. This allowed lithium cobalt oxide to touch a layer of graphite, which caused the overheating and explosions.

Instrumental goes on to say that this issue was made worse by the fact that normal use puts even more pressure on the already compressed device. This caused product failures to increase, but how then did Samsung let this mistake slip? Instrumental blames it on a rush to get the product to market. The researcher says that the defect might not have been as pronounced in initial battery prototypes. That means that Samsung may have only tested the first batch of battery prototypes, and subsequent units might not have been as high quality as that first batch.

So, Samsung may have rushed its phone to market, and that may have cost the American consumer more than just a smartphone. Do you think these researchers are right? Did Samsung put release dates ahead of safety testing? Keep following your Macon product liability attorneys here at the McArthur Law Firm to find out. Plus, don’t forget to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to share your opinions.