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Will a Student Lose His Leg After a Teacher Restrained Him?

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The end of the school day was drawing close for the students at Muscogee County School District’s AIM program. As the students were preparing to go one 13-year-old got up to go to the office and call his mother to come pick him up. However, the teacher would not let him go. The resulting confrontation put this boy in the hospital and has left many wondering if a local teacher has gone way too far.

Will a Student Lose His Leg After Being Body Slammed by a Teacher?

Muscogee’s AIM program is for students who have behavior problems while attending normal school. These students are temporarily assigned to this program in order to correct their behavior, but the disciplined environment may have been taken a step too far.

When a 13-year-old tried to go to the office to call his mother, he was “body slammed” to the floor by his teacher. The boy tried to go to the office one more time, but his teacher smashed him to the ground once again. The student was forced to limp to his desk and wait out the rest of the school day. The boy eventually went home on the bus after class, but he had to be carried onto the bus by the very teacher that had restrained him.

At home, the boy’s mother saw that he was injured and took him to the hospital. They discovered that the boy had damage to his knee cap, a broken leg, and permanent nerve damage. A few weeks and at least four surgeries later, doctors told the mother and her son that the leg needed to be amputated. Unfortunately, this may only be the beginning of their hardships.

The mother has lost her job while staying at her son’s bedside, yet she has also been gathering information about what happened. The altercation that led to her son’s hospitalization was not only caught on tape but was also witnessed by the school’s assistant principal. However, school officials failed to render medical aid, and they even refused to call an ambulance after realizing the boy was injured.

Two weeks after the incident, the mother hired an attorney and requested several documents and the video of the altercation. She says that she plans to file a lawsuit, and she may have many reasons to. Do you think the teacher involved in this case used too much force?

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