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What Makes Macon’s Pop-Up Bike Lanes So Special?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2016 | Personal Injury |

Did you notice the bike lanes in downtown Macon back in September? Have you noticed how those lanes have mysteriously vanished? Well, it wasn’t your imagination. For an entire weekend, an 8-mile bike route crisscrossed through Macon, but do you know why?

Pop-Up Bike Lanes Make an Appearance in Macon!

It was hailed as the largest pop-up bike lane in the world and from September 13-16, it drew bikers to the heart of downtown Macon. These pop-up bike lanes were the brainchild of the Better Block Foundation. With a $750,000 grant from the Knight Foundation, and the volunteer work of Macon Connect, we got to see what bike friendliness in Macon would look like. But this could be just the beginning to making Macon more bike friendly.

City officials say that the pop-up bike lane served as more than just a festival for bicycling. It was also a bicycle safety experiment to see if Macon could benefit from having more bike traffic. If city officials liked what they saw from this pop-up event, then they could install permanent lanes in sections of the city. This could not only improve safety for bikers around town, but it could also be a boon for business.

Downtown has no bike lanes, so bikers take a risk when riding in a lane of traffic with cars. However, these pop-up bike lanes not only provided a safe buffer zone between cars and bikes, they also increased driver awareness of bikes. One local bike shop owner even pointed out that increased foot traffic created by bike lanes often increases business for shop owners nearby.

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