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How Hard Would You Fight to Beat a Spinal Cord Injury?

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She’s a mother of two, an aspiring model and she had just gotten a job. It was time to celebrate. So this young mother connected with her cousin and decided to go out shopping, but as they pulled out of the driveway, disaster struck. Now this Georgia mom is in a wheelchair, but she doesn’t plan on staying there.

A Georgia Mom Fights to Conquer a Spinal Cord Injury

On August 25, 2015, the car carrying this woman and her cousin was hit from behind as it was backing into the road. The impact instantly knocked the aspiring model out. When she woke up, she was in the back of an ambulance and she felt numb.

When she arrived at the hospital, she learned that she had sustained a spinal cord injury in her neck. Bones were broken, she was numb from the abdomen down, but there was still hope. Her spinal cord had been badly bruised but not severed, and this gave doctors hope that she could one day recover, but the road to walking again is long and hard.

How Long is the Road to Recovery?

After a stay at the famous Shepherd Center-and a year of recovery-this Georgia mom is still fighting to walk on her own. She is currently participating in Project Walk Atlanta, where she is a part of an intense exercise-based program meant to stimulate her nerves. She is making progress and is currently working on standing on her own without the help of an aide.

This mother of two wants to walk again, wants to climb Stone Mountain with her family and friends again, and she is determined to achieve these goals. However, she still has quite a way to go. Recovery from a spinal cord injury can take years, and it can be very expensive, but with determination and dedication this young woman is on the road to doing it. To learn more about beating the odds, keep following our personal injury blog, and check out our Twitter and Facebook for more stories and insights.

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