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School Bus v. Tractor-Trailer: The Collision No One Wanted to See…

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2016 | Trucking Wreck Injury |

Parents all over Lowndes County got the scare of their lives when their cellphones rang on August 29th. That’s because their children were calling them to let them know that they were okay after a massive school bus crash. The collision was between an 18-wheeler and a bus heading to Lowndes Middle School, but not every child was able to call their parents after the deadly crash.

School Bus v. Tractor-Trailer: A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

A truck hauling oversized metal beams ran into the back of a school bus carrying students from Lowndes High School to Lowndes Middle School. The bus was carrying 31 kids when the collision happened, and 13 of those kids were taken to South Georgia Medical Center via ambulance while 6 others were taken to the medical center via private vehicles. One girl was so badly wounded, authorities called in a medical helicopter to transport her to the hospital. Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe for the flight, so she was taken via ambulance. She later succumbed to her injuries.

The 62-year-old bus driver was also transported to the hospital with a leg injury, while the truck driver walked away from the wreck uninjured. Police are currently investigating what exactly went wrong, but in a case like this there could be several causes.

Distracted driving, driving while intoxicated, improper maintenance and overloading are just a few of the reasons that tractor-trailers crash. And unfortunately, when these highway leviathans go out of control, they can leave immense damage in their wake. New federal regulations are constantly being delayed by truck company lobbyists, while collisions like the one in Lowndes cause more and more suffering.

Is there anything we can do to help regulate this out-of-control industry? Could preventative measures have helped prevent the Lowndes County truck crash? Keep following our blog for more answers, and tell us what you think on Facebook and Twitter.