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Are Trampoline Parks Safe For Kids?

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2016 | Premises Liability |


We’ve talked to you about how lawsuits have helped increase the public’s awareness of childhood traumatic brain injuries. This new awareness may be the source of a rise in head injury diagnoses across the country, but researchers may have also found another contributing cause. Trampoline parks are quickly becoming a regular pastime for kids all over the country. But as the number of these parks grows, so too does the number of injuries to our children.

Are Trampoline Parks Safe For Kids?

The medical journal Pediatrics has come through with another groundbreaking study that examines the safety of our kids. In its latest report, the journal found that between 2010 and 2014, trampoline park injuries have jumped by almost 1170 percent. These injuries can be as severe as head trauma, broken bones, or even spinal injuries. However, the most common injuries are sprains and dislocations.

For now, researchers are attributing this spike in child trampoline park injuries to a rise in the opening of trampoline centers. In 2011, the study found 40 of these play zones across the U.S., but in 2014 researchers counted 280. But this doesn’t make up for the fact that more children are being hurt across the nation, and something needs to be done.

Can We Make Trampoline Parks Safer?

The International Association of Trampoline Parks-a standards group that trampoline centers can join-claims to be working to improve safety standards. However, the organization believes that the positives of youth recreation outweigh the negative outcomes. Do you agree?

Trampolines are already acknowledged as highly dangerous for children. The American Academy of Pediatrics even advises against all children using a trampoline. But there are businesses all over the country and our state using these dangerous devices as entertainment. Keep following our blog to learn more about trampoline safety and keeping your kids safe. And don’t forget to tell your Macon personal injury attorneys what you think about trampoline park safety issues. Head on over to Twitter or Facebook, and leave your comment today.