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Will Your Tesla Snitch On You?

On Behalf of | Jul 4, 2016 | Car Wreck Injury |

He was driving down the road when his Tesla Model X suddenly accelerated and slammed into the side of a building, or at least that is what the SUV’s driver told authorities when they questioned him about the crash. However, this man’s SUV had a different story for officials.

Will Your Tesla Snitch On You?

The people at Tesla have a little secret when it comes to their electric vehicles. It seems that the company’s vehicles are keeping track of your every input and maneuver, which means that you are being monitored every time you drive a Tesla vehicle. The man who crashed his Model X into a building didn’t account for this, so when he told officials that the car had suddenly accelerated on its own, Tesla had the data to prove that the car was responding to the man’s inputs. Now the man is claiming persecution due to the data collected by his car, but soon all new cars may log driving data just like the Tesla does.

Months ago, a woman driving a Ford Focus was accidentally turned into authorities for a hit-and-run when her vehicle reported a crash to 911-she had fled the scene of the crash before authorities could respond. Crash reporting is a feature that can be turned off in these Ford vehicles, but this woman didn’t turn hers off, and she was caught by the police, but that’s just the beginning of what these new technologies can do.

What Else Can New Driving Technologies Do?

More cars have what is called a data logger, which is being referred to as the “black box” of cars, and though most don’t monitor as many details as a Tesla car, they do come in handy when trying to figure out what happened in a crash. This capability has led to some insurers giving drivers little devices that record their driving habits. These modules will then report a driver’s habits to the insurance company, and if the driver drives well, then they get a special discount on their insurance.

With these new technologies changing the way we drive on the road, will the roads be safer, or are these devices just an invasion of privacy? Let us know what you think “black box” technology is going to do to your driving experience on Facebook and Twitter, and don’t forget to check back with our blog for even more info on the latest innovations in automotive crash prevention.