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Why Did Another New Beginnings Nursing Home Just Close?

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2016 | PersonalInjury |


For the past several months, we have been following reports about a nursing home management company that has fallen to pieces and left a trail of broken senior care facilities in its wake. Now a new development in this case has caught Georgians by surprise, and has left many people wondering just how far the New Beginnings scandal really goes.

Why Did Another New Beginnings Nursing Home Just Close?

This all started months ago when Medicaid and Medicare pulled their funding from several nursing homes all across the east and Georgia. Due to the sudden lack of government funds, many of these facilities were forced to shut down. Nobody understood why these homes were suddenly falling short of government standards until a nursing home management company filed for bankruptcy in Tennessee.

New Beginnings-the management company responsible for many of the nursing homes that were being shut down-was not paying the bills for basic services and repairs for several of its 18 senior facilities. Spokespeople told reporters that the company just didn’t have the money to pay all the bills for many of the aged facilities, so it filed bankruptcy, but many details weren’t adding up. Somehow the CEO of the company was driving a Porsche leased by the company while receiving a $36,000 a month salary, and yet more facilities across this part of the were still closing because of delinquent bills-including four homes here in Georgia!

The company promised that it was going to keep many of its nursing homes that had not been closed open for seniors, but that plan seems to have fallen apart. Oceanside Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center-one of the facilities New Beginnings said wouldn’t close-started clearing seniors from the facility on June 2nd. The closing comes as quite a shock for residents and the community of Tybee Island. Most wouldn’t even know about the closing if a reporter at local news station WSAV hadn’t gotten a tip that seniors were being escorted from the facility.

No explanation has been given as to why the facility is being closed, but many suspect that Oceanside’s Medicaid and Medicare funding was in danger of getting pulled due to an inability to maintain the facility. An inspector from the Georgia Department of Community Health has been dispatched to get more solid answers.

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