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How Are Millennials On Juries Improving Product Liability?

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Product Liability |

The world of product liability shook at 2016’s Emerging Issues in Motor Vehicle Product Liability Litigation conference. Panelists at the millennial jurors panel drew gasps from the audience as they laid out some of the most shocking legal news anyone had ever heard, and this news might just be a good thing for the everyday consumer.


According to a survey brought to the panel, 71 percent of millennials believe that companies put profits before consumer safety, 84 percent believe that every safety precaution should be taken no matter the cost or practicality, and 88 percent believe that companies should be held to standards that are higher than government regulations. That means that the newest generation to hit voting age may be far less likely to side with a corporation in a products liability trial.

The panel continued to shock attorneys by also revealing that many millennials believe that companies should be held liable for only offering better safety options-like crash avoidance-as optional features on new vehicles. This means millennials believe that all safety features should come as standard on every car released to the public. So what else did the panel say to catch these seasoned litigators off-guard? It looks like attorneys will need to change their style in order to reach millennial jurors.

How Millennials Are Changing Litigation

Attorneys are going to have to get to the point faster because this new generation of jurors can’t stand long and potentially tedious testimony. That includes attorneys learning how to focus their experts on the information that is most important to the case at hand. It was also noted that sedate and basic graphic presentations need to be polished for younger juror to truly appreciate the data being presented.

Is this good news for product liability cases? It could mean that juries will be more likely to rule in favor of the consumer in big liability cases. Should big companies be worried that they may be losing control in the courtroom? Maybe, though only time will tell if this new generation will curb corporate wrongdoing. To keep on top of the latest developments in products liability, follow our blog, Facebook and Twitter.