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When you take your kids to school or to the park, it is inevitable that they will eventually make it to the playground, but are those fun time zones safe? Months ago we talked about how dangerous playground equipment can really be, and though awareness of dangerous playground equipment is increasing, head injury reports are still increasing. Is there any way to stop this trend and prevent your child from falling victim to a devastating traumatic brain injury (TBI).

A new report published in the pages of Pediatrics found that brain injuries among kids age 14 and younger have been increasing over the past few years. More than 29,000 kids were treated for concussions in 2013-which was way up from the 18,000 treated in 2001-and 21,000 of those head injuries happened on the playground. The report says 2009 was when the numbers really started to rise, and now doctors are trying to catch up to the numbers, but is there anything to catch up to?

Seeing An Old Problem With New Eyes

Industry standards for playground equipment have been increasing due to lawsuits, and more stringent regulations, but the number of head injuries among children are still rising. Doctor Barbara Pena claims this is because our awareness of head injuries has expanded over the years. More research and knowledge about the nature of head injuries may be leading to more TBI diagnoses in situations where doctors wouldn’t have previously identified the injury. So how do we bring these injuries down when we are only just learning how to better identify them?

Fighting TBIs On The Playground

For now, experts are recommending more parental supervision to help bring the number of playground TBIs down. Parents should know the playground, identify potentially unsafe equipment, and make sure that zones where your children could fall are soft or padded. They also say that it is good to intervene when you see unsafe playtime behavior like hanging upside-down on monkey bars. Also remember that boys account for 6 out of 10 playground-related hospital incidents, so keep an even sharper eye on your boys.

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