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Will New Bike Trails Make Georgia Safer For Riders?

On Behalf of | May 23, 2016 | PersonalInjury |

Wednesday April 6th, a man riding with his cycling group was hit from behind by a car that was negotiating a corner on Lower Woolsey Road in Hampton. The 59-year-old rider, a local doctor and cycling enthusiast, would later die at the hospital. Two weeks later, a 13-year-old riding his bike with his 12-year-old brother were stopping in a crosswalk when a truck took a right-hand turn off a cross street and ran into the 13-year-old. The boy sustained chest trauma but survived the ordeal. Can anything be done to keep these Georgia bike riders safer?

Georgia is not the worst state to ride a bike in, nor are we the best-nationally Georgia ranks number 25 on the list of the friendliest states to bike in. However, our state officials are always trying to improve this ranking while at the same time preventing accidents like what happened to the doctor and the little boy. To that end, North Georgia is trying to find out what impact bike and pedestrian trails could have on making Georgia a better place to ride your bike.

How Will Officials Find Out If Trails Improve Safety?

The Northwest Georgia Regional Commission has put out a call for proposals. The commission would like to know if new trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks could improve access to the state’s natural treasures as well as improve safety for the many residents and tourists who visit our state every year.

Stakeholders chose Dade County, Catoosa County, Chickamauga, Fort Oglethorpe, Lookout Mountain, and several other locations as areas of interest, and have asked for proposals from several consultants. The best proposal for these areas will win the consideration of the Commission and will have to create a feasibility study to prove the projects will actually be worthwhile. So far, finalized plans are not expected until August 2017.

Do you think these proposals will hold the key to making Georgia safer for bicyclists? Or will the state have to take stronger action to help reduce bicycle accidents in Georgia? Keep following our blog for these answers and more.

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