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Is Uber The Right Fit For Macon?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2016 | PersonalInjury |

It’s finally here! Uber has come to Macon, and the entire county showed up for the big opening day celebration on May 11th. Uber coming to Middle Georgia opens up a new mode of transportation for thousands of people in the area, but it might also bring turmoil to our beloved Macon-Bibb County.


There was a celebration a couple of weeks ago as the mayor-Robert Reichert-was taken on the first Uber ride in Macon. There were speeches from county officials and spokespeople from Uber Atlanta, and they were all eager to tell their stories of how Uber decided to come to Macon.

The general manager for Uber Atlanta told the crowd that the company heard about Macon’s revitalization, busy downtown and lively Air Force base and knew our city would be a great opportunity, but our city had some good reasons to accept the ride-sharing service as well. Data from Temple University shows that Uber cities usually see up to a 5.6 percent drop in alcohol-related deaths.

The company has already enlisted 30 drivers to help provide rides for anyone who needs a lift in the area, and they are even offering a promo code- “RIDEMACON” -that will let you take your first ride free, but we need to remember that Uber isn’t the perfect solution to our every transportation need.

The Problem With Uber

Unfortunately, the company has had several issues in cities all over the country. From employment issues to assaults on and by its drivers, Uber has faced many problems that some cities have refused to accept. The company recently left Austin, Texas over increased security measures the city was imposing, and the company is also facing several lawsuits over the rights of its drivers.

In California and Massachusetts, Uber has just settled a class action lawsuit that claims that the company violated the Fair Labor Standard Act by not classifying its drivers as employees. The $100 million settlement is being considered by the judge presiding over the case, but two similar lawsuits have popped up in Florida and Illinois. Could more suits be on the way?

Uber offers a great service that helps people every day, but its services come at a price. Will Macon pay the price for the convenient taxi service? Hopefully not, but your fighting attorneys at the McArthur Law Firm will keep an eye on the situation and keep you informed on our blog, Twitter, and Facebook.