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Nae Nae To Recovery! How Music Therapy Helps Heal TBI Victims

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2016 | Personal Injury |

The road to recovery started on Christmas Day when a 7-year-old Macon girl, her father and siblings were in a car crash. The girl’s older sister was killed during the incident and the little girl was left in a coma. Family and friends clung to the hope that the little girl would soon wake up, but when she did, they discovered that the accident had left a long lasting mark on the 7-year-old’s life.

How Music Therapy Helps Heal TBI Victims


This little girl from Macon couldn’t speak, couldn’t understand commands, and could barely open her eyes. Doctors told her parents that it would be a long road to recovery, and as with many traumatic brain injuries (TBI), there was no guarantee that she would fully recover. That’s when they tried a different treatment to help this little girl regain the life she had lost.

The rehabilitation team at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta decided to try music therapy to help the girl recover from her injuries. Since music stimulates the entire brain and causes positive hormones to be released, experts believe that it can be the perfect tool for helping TBI victims. So therapists started a rehab program featuring old church hymns and the little girl’s favorite song-“Watch Me”, by Silento. What happened next surprised everyone.

Nae Nae To Recovery!

The girl raised her arms and started moving to the music. Doctors were confused at first, because the little girl was still unable to talk, but the second-grader’s family knew exactly what was going on. She was trying to do her favorite dance-the Nae Nae. The dance was a sign of hope for the family, and has helped open the gateway to the girl’s mind.

After six surgeries and two months recovering at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, the little girl is now recovering from her injuries on an outpatient basis. She can respond to commands, has improved movement in her limbs, and she’s even starting to talk again. Doctors are crediting the unique therapy for her progress. To learn more about recovering from traumatic brain injury and the innovative treatments medical science is coming up with, keep following our blog, and see pictures of this little girl meeting Silento on our Twitter page!