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How Was A Georgia Student Caught In The Brussels Terror Attack?

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Blog |

A missing text message was the first sign of trouble for a young Georgia woman waiting for her beloved boyfriend to return from Europe. The two had met during a physical fitness retreat and felt an instant connection. They started dating in October and spent the entire month of December together, but the young man had to return to his family and school in Brügge, Belgium, but the distance meant little when compared to the love in their hearts.


The 21-year-old student from the University of North Georgia was expectantly waiting for her boyfriend to return from Europe for a visit. The day he was to board an airplane to the states, they were in constant contact. They talked on the phone, he said “I love you,” and they made plans for their next communication. The man was to send his “Georgia Peach” a text with a picture of his boarding pass, but that text never came.

In the middle of the night, the woman was awakened by a phone call from the parents of her beau and she learned that something terrible had happened-on March 22nd the Brussels airport and city metro system were attacked by suicide bombers. For most Georgians the attack may have seemed an entire world away, but at least one young woman in Athens couldn’t have been closer. Her love was missing in the middle of the crisis.

This woman and her boyfriend’s family were constantly on the phone, tracking down leads, talking to Brussels police, and praying for the safe return of a college student lost in the chaos. The young woman even went as far as appearing on CNN and NBC News, hoping that the exposure would shake loose some news that her boyfriend was okay.

The Friday after the attacks, a hospital contacted the young man’s family and they later came by and identified the body of the young man travelling to Athens, Georgia to see his sweetheart.

This terrible attack may have been thousands of miles away, but it has touched people all over Georgia and the country. At least 12 Americans may have been injured by the attack, and several are still missing. Reports are slowly trickling in, and people are finding out if their loved ones are safe, injured, or if they have passed on. In a time of struggle and heartache we need to remember to stand together, and that these tragedies are not as far away as we may think they are.

A message brought to you by the attorneys at the Macon, Georgia offices of the McArthur Law Firm-Pray for Brussels.