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Four Facts You Didn’t Know About TBI

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2016 | Personal Injury |


Have you ever dropped a container of Jell-O on the floor only to pick it up and find your delicious treat in now misshapen and broken? Well, this is what can happen to your brain when you sustain a traumatic brain injury-also known as a TBI. Since brain matter is actually very similar to gelatin, certain shocks can cause terrible damage, but the brain also has a few hidden secrets you may not have known about.

  1. Younger Brains Are More Resilient: Scientist know that the brains of children are actually more resilient than the brains of an adult. So children can often recover from TBIs better than adults, but doctors do warn that repeated brain injuries can still cause permanent long lasting damage.
  2. Rest Can Be One Of The Best TBI Treatments: For years, sports trainers and doctors thought that players could just tough out concussions, but today’s science proves that this only causes more trouble down the road. Instead, doctors recommend a period of complete rest after experiencing a mild TBI. That means no phone or social media, no reading and in some instances no television. Reducing your brains stimulus can contribute to a patient’s maximum recovery.
  3. TBI Can Have Psychological Effects: Though many of the physical effects of a TBI are known, not many people know about the psychological impacts. TBI victims can experience psychological symptoms like depression, anxiety, aggression, apathy, and risky behavior depending on the type and severity of the brain injury they sustain. These symptoms can also take years to manifest in some cases.
  4. Many TBIs Happen In Auto Accidents: Though sports and military service are two very common sources of TBI, car crashes are a far more common source for brain injuries. In an auto accident, your head could be jostled, it could collide with the steering wheel, or it could be struck by debris. This makes safety measures in automobiles and other forms of motor transportation critical in fighting TBIs.

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