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Did A Whistleblowing Investigation Lead To Whistleblowing Retaliation?

whistleblow-1.jpgShe ran the complaints department at Savannah River Nuclear Solutions (SRNS), and was responsible for helping employees lodge safety concerns and handle disputes. Her department investigated safety and illegal practices complaints to protect the employees that lodged the complaints, but earlier this year she was fired for the same reason her department exists.

How Was A Georgia Student Caught In The Brussels Terror Attack?

A missing text message was the first sign of trouble for a young Georgia woman waiting for her beloved boyfriend to return from Europe. The two had met during a physical fitness retreat and felt an instant connection. They started dating in October and spent the entire month of December together, but the young man had to return to his family and school in Br├╝gge, Belgium, but the distance meant little when compared to the love in their hearts.

How Elder Abuse Caused A Nursing Home Network Collapse

Not long ago we told you about the closing on a nursing home in Jeffersonville-not far from Macon. Well we now have some updates on the company that ran that nursing home, and the picture these details paint makes this operation look even more dangerous for seniors across Georgia and many other states.

Four Facts You Didn't Know About TBI

t-bone-Accident.jpgHave you ever dropped a container of Jell-O on the floor only to pick it up and find your delicious treat in now misshapen and broken? Well, this is what can happen to your brain when you sustain a traumatic brain injury-also known as a TBI. Since brain matter is actually very similar to gelatin, certain shocks can cause terrible damage, but the brain also has a few hidden secrets you may not have known about.

Why Are Truckers Fighting Federal Rest Rules?

Right now there are federal rules in place that limit the amount of hours truck drivers can spend on the road, but new efforts by the trucking industry and its supporters are trying to hamper those efforts. If they succeed then laws requiring truck drivers to get rest before they can work long shifts will be frozen, which could allow companies to work their truckers for even longer. So, why are some drivers siding with the trucking industry on rules that could see them working longer and more taxing hours?

Nae Nae To Recovery! How Music Therapy Helps Heal TBI Victims

The road to recovery started on Christmas Day when a 7-year-old Macon girl, her father and siblings were in a car crash. The girl's older sister was killed during the incident and the little girl was left in a coma. Family and friends clung to the hope that the little girl would soon wake up, but when she did, they discovered that the accident had left a long lasting mark on the 7-year-old's life.

Is Elder Abuse Going Viral?

Is Elder Abuse Going Viral?

personal-injury.jpgFinding a nursing home where your parents or relatives can live out the rest of their days in comfort and peace is getting harder and harder. People are reporting abuse more frequently, and they are taking these offenders to court so they can pay for their crimes. But as time moves forward, new innovations are arising, and some people are misusing this new wave of technology.

Should a Georgia School Pay for a Sports Injury?

A 15-year-old was working out with his football team at Arabia Mountain High School. It was March and the boy was running inside the weight room when he ran into something. A broken electrical outlet was jutting out of a nearby wall and the 15-year-old had been caught on it. The piece of metal cut a 6-inch-long gash into the boy's leg, and the injury has forced this athlete undergo a long and expensive recovery. Now, his school is refusing to accept any responsibility for the incident, but this boy's mother won't go down without a fight.

Are Self-Driving Cars Really As Safe As Experts Claim?

The year 2020 is when Google plans to release its automated road-ready vehicles. So far, its cars have racked up 1.3 million miles of testing from California to Texas, and those cars have only been involved in 17 crashes-all of which were attributed to human errors. However, this record may have been ruined by the latest crash involving Google's autonomous vehicles.

What Can Go Wrong When Truckers Drive Fatigued?

It took nearly a week, but crews from the Georgia Department of Transportation finally finished repair work on a section of I-20 that had traffic backed up for miles on a daily basis. The damage was caused when an 18 wheeler lost control and flipped over, closing several lanes and destroying a guardrail. Luckily no one was injured, but the accident could have been far worse.

Operation Baby Rescue: What Are The Dangers Of Drunk Driving?

t-bone-Accident.jpgOn the night of February 10, the emergency departments of Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville, Grady Health Systems and the Scottish Rite received the victims of a drunk driving crash. The doctors did their best to save everyone, but in the end, at least one person died. Now the survivors lay in hospital beds, fighting for their lives, and at least one of these victims is a one-year old girl.

How Can You Stop Nursing Home Abuse And Neglect?

heart-monitor-300x200.jpgThe little town of Jeffersonville-which is only a few miles southeast of Macon-only has about 1,000 residents, so when they learned that New Beginnings Care was slated to be closed, residents were shocked. On January 13, inspectors visited the facility and discovered what they called "squalid conditions."

Why Are Teenagers Vulnerable To Distracted Driving?

Night had just fallen on Highway 319 near Crowley Road as a 53-year-old woman was driving her 2007 Ford Explorer northbound along the highway. She was expecting a normal drive when a southbound Hyundai suddenly crossed the center stripe and ran into her SUV head-on. The woman is now recovering in Archbold Memorial Hospital, and the police say the accident that put her there may have been easily prevented.

Can Georgia Stop Super Speeder Truckers?

Have you ever been passed by someone going way faster than they should? Do you remember how scary it felt, or how much you were angry at the other person for driving so recklessly? Well the politicians of Georgia remember, and they want to do something about it, but how is the Georgia state legislature going to stop super speeders?

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