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Will A New Construction Project Help Protect Macon Pedestrians?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2016 | Blog |

When approaching the intersection of Hollingsworth and Log Cabin Drive, it can be nearly impossible to see oncoming traffic. The most experienced drivers of Macon have learned how to look far beyond the intersection to see if they are going to meet up with another car, but even then there’s no guarantee of safety. This is only one of the many problems plaguing Log Cabin Drive, but will new efforts improve safety along this traffic corridor?


Commissioner Al Tillman is very familiar with Log Cabin Drive-it cuts right through his district-so he and his constituents have to deal with the roadway almost every day. It’s actually the border between a bustling neighborhood and the closest store, so residents are constantly dodging zipping cars. Tillman says it’s a miracle that no one has been killed trying to cross the busy road, but a new repair project is looking to make going to the store safer in this neighborhood.

What Will The Project Do?

The SPLOST project proposes to use $1.6 million to repair and modify Log Cabin Drive and make it safer. The project has initiatives that would build sidewalks on both sides of the road, and it also proposes a ten-foot-wide pedestrian bridge that would keep neighborhood residents safe when they walk to the store. This could help improve safety for an entire neighborhood, but the plan doesn’t stop there.

The project also proposes realigning the Hollingsworth intersection so that both streets intersect at an angle closer to 90 degrees. This could make seeing over the hill much easier and cut down on the risk of cars having head on collisions at the difficult crossing.

If the weather cooperates, the project could be done by the end of the year-which would bring a new layer of safety to our bustling city-but making Macon safe for pedestrians is a constant and important job for all our residents. Check out the facts about pedestrian and bicycle accidents in our state, and keep following our blog to learn about other ways to help make Macon a stronger community.