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Are You In More Danger After A Car Accident?

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2016 | Car Wreck Injury |

Surviving a traffic accident is never fun, even when you sustain no injuries, but just because an incident is over doesn’t mean the danger has passed. In Florida, a man was forced to jump off of a 30-foot-tall bridge while he was changing a blown out tire. In Louisiana, a man was forced to do the same thing while he was inspecting a fender bender. Now there has been an incident right here in Macon…

It was 7:30 in the morning at the intersection of Avondale Mill and Hawkinsville when three cars came together in a chain reaction car accident. The collisions were fairly mild: a BMW had rear-ended an exterminator’s Toyota truck, and the truck had run into a Chrysler that was in front of it. At this point no one was injured.

A construction worker who saw the accident from across the street called 911 and went over to help the drivers. While he was helping block traffic, a Chevy Malibu almost clipped the Good Samaritan, but the driver of the Chrysler wasn’t as lucky. The man driving the Chrysler had gotten out of his car and was checking on the other drivers when he was hit by the Malibu.

What Happened To The Driver?

The construction worker immediately called 911 again, and was completely surprised when the driver of the Chrysler stood up after being hit. The driver sustained a cut on his left arm and a knee injury. He’s lucky his injuries weren’t more severe.

Staying cautious after an accident is just as important as trying to avoid the accident in the first place. Getting out of your car after an accident can be just as dangerous as getting into a crash. You could be disoriented, or the drivers around you might not be driving as carefully as they should. To fight these incidents of carelessness, spread the word, and don’t be afraid to take the responsible party to court. A lawsuit can help improve safety by spreading the word about the dangers of careless, negligent driving.

The attorneys of The McArthur Law Firm want you to be safe while driving in Macon, so stay sharp out there.