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Attorney Kathy McArthur Details Recent Successful Car Wreck Verdict

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Another case and another example of the McArthur Law Firm getting results for clients.

In the recent case of Lee and Johnny Kendrick Vs. Albert Padwa and John Doe, McArthur Law Firm attorney Caleb Walker and I tried this case in the State Court of Fulton County beginning September 1 and ending with a verdict of $375,000 for the Plaintiffs on Friday, Sept. 4.

What Happened?

Our client Lee Kendrick was on her way home from work at about 4:00pm one Friday in Atlanta traffic when the defendant Padwa came out of the lane to her right and struck her vehicle, knocking her into the oncoming traffic lane. Her car was almost hit head-on.

Kendrick was taken by ambulance to the hospital where she was treated and released later in the day with diagnoses of bumps, bruises and strains. She needed two shoulder surgeries for injuries to her shoulder as well as numerous injections. She had soft tissue injuries to her neck and suffers with chronic neck pain and has had several injections in her neck as well as two nerve ablations in her neck. Both her neck and shoulder continue to give her a lot of trouble four years after the wreck. She owed $121,000 in medical bills and medical bills lost $22,000 from being unable to work.

The lawsuit claimed that the injuries to Lee Kendrick were caused by the carelessness of Albert Padwa changing lanes, hitting the car driven by Ms. Kendrick and knocking her into oncoming traffic. Padwa claimed that he changed lanes suddenly into Kendrick because an unknown vehicle ahead of him came to a sudden unexpected stop and he had to change lanes to avoid colliding with the rear of that vehicle. No other vehicle stopped, so that is why John Doe was named as a defendant in the case. The jury found Defendant Padwa 100 percent responsible for the wreck and Kendrick’s injuries.

The last offer of settlement prior to trial was $202,000. The jury’s verdict was $375,000.

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