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Human Error and Never Events in Surgery

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2015 | Medical Malpractice |

Never events in surgery are serious errors in a medical setting – something that should not ever happen. Common never events include performing the wrong procedure, performing surgery on the wrong part of the body, putting in an incorrect implant and leaving objects and tools inside patients. According to the National Practitioner Data Bank, a never event occurs approximately once in every 12,000 medical procedures.

Researchers at Mayo Clinic analyzed these never events and what causes them. Using a system called human factors analysis, first developed to investigate military aviation accidents, researchers grouped errors into four levels spanning dozens of individual factors.

  1. Preconditions for action, like distractions, overconfidence, stress and inadequate communication
  2. Unsafe actions, like breaking rules or failing to understand instructions
  3. Oversight and supervisory factors, like inadequate supervision or planning problems
  4. Organizational influences

We Will Fight for You

Our legal team has seen firsthand the tragic results that can happen from a never event. In one case, a woman passed away after what was meant to be a routine allergy shot and no doctor was available to help. Our actions in response to this tragedy changed the way that medicine is practiced in the state of Georgia by forcing a doctor to be present on the premises when these shots are given.

Never events are unacceptable and we refuse to let negligent doctors get off scot-free. The doctor’s mistake may cost you pain and money now, but we will make sure they are the ones feeling your pain in the courtroom. We do not settle unless a fair offer is made – we fight! And when the fight is over, you and your bank account will both know you picked the right attorney.

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